Neural Integration

Dr. Jacqueline Chan’s technique of Neural Integration

Neural Integration is the result of a compilation of studies and practices on how the nervous system communicates with the body and the brain. It is a simple system, based mainly on Applied Kinesiology, which observes the firing patterns of the brain. Using designated hand patterns together with motor responses of the muscles brings correction to the nerve transmissions from the brain to the body and vice versa, so healing occurs.

According to Dr. John Ratey, there are 40 quadrillion patterns of connections in the brain — that is 40,000,000,000,000,000 — or 16 zeros. Wow! Neural Integration makes it possible to rewire some the faulty or weak connections utilizing optics, kinesiology, physical movements, and supplementation. The body in its infinite wisdom knows the correct blueprint for health and healing; however, because of emotional and/or physical traumas, this blueprint may become faded, smudged, torn, or difficult to read. Neural Integration helps restore synaptic responses to their inborn function.

Neural Integration allows the brain to discontinue firing on pathways that are dis-eased or weak from traumas and stress; subsequently reviving new pathways. Change the pathways, change the mind, and change our lives. Reorganizing the brain stops the processing of stress allowing the body to heal itself. Neuro Integration rejuvenates the nervous system in as little as six minutes, resulting in health at its best.


Generally, a client identifies a complaint or issue they would like to clear. By clarifying the issue before the integration, the pathways in the nervous system are stimulated or fired. This then leads the practitioner to the specific integration that will address that particular set of pathways.

During a Neural Integration session the client lies fully clothed on their back on a massage table. Kinesiology is used to guide the process. Light touch is applied on a series of points on the body, similar to acupressure. As a point is touched, a hand is held in a designated pattern to fire a particular pathway to the brain. The arm is pulled to create firing. The feet are moved to lock in the new pathway.

What do these simple, gentle, noninvasive, non-traumatic, but powerful movements do?

They tell the brain to stop firing pathways that are over-firing — the self-talk, the running tapes, and the mind chatter. They create, stimulate or strengthen other pathways that support the body.  
Often the first integration needed is called a Fourteen Point. It helps to strengthen the adrenal glands which are weakened with busy and stressed lifestyles. This integration creates energy and a sense of feeling refreshed.