Private Intensive Mentorship

This private mentorship is open to people who are on a very high growth curve and who have a high degree of commitment to their own integrity and alignment of soul purpose.  The mentorship lasts one month to six months of time and is personally tailored to your schedule and my availability.  I will apply laser focused personal dedication to assist in your access to your own inner wisdom, intuition, clarity, freedom from the past and future as well as health and resilience.  You can expect significant outcomes in your private life, work performance, level of joy and creative capacity.  This takes place over the phone and can also be in person, but is not location dependent.  The parameters of this program are discussed after an initial complimentary 30 min. interview.

“Perhaps the best way for me to describe this extraordinary doctor, healer, poet, shaman and woman of the highest caliber, is to tell the brief story of how I came to meet Dr. Chan, and why I chose to take her intuition medicine program, and just a few of the changes in my life, as a result of that program.”

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“We met at the Marin Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy center where she was the intake doctor (that day) for new patients for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. I was there on behalf of my mother, who had early signs of dementia.

I immediately recognized in Dr. Chan her unusual level of kindness and presence with her patient, and that she did not have the usual ‘doctor’s mask’ where the professional’s compassion is so often muted by the rigors (which I can only imagine) of being a doctor. During the follow-up meeting, which was a few weeks later, I had been actively looking for someone who could do ‘distance healing’/brain therapy on my mother while she was in the hyperbaric chamber. I resonated with the way Dr. Chan said that she could do that kind of healing, and I was both surprised and excited to see how her work at this level would unfold. It was becoming clear that this doctor, apparently from the world of western medical training, held far more healing ability and understanding of how we really heal, than I had first imagined, and I learned later of course, that we were at that time, only scratching the surface of her abilities and gifts.

The world knows me as a visionary entrepreneur, as one who thinks outside the known boundaries of technology and business processes. The world does not know of my lifelong interest in healing, subtle energies, the quantum state of the mind … but this was what I was becoming far more interested in at this stage of my life, and soon after my first introduction to Dr. Chan’s passion for what she calls Intuition Medicine, I knew I wanted to learn as much as I possibly could, and thus began my ‘internship’ in her 6 week Intuitive Medicine program.

I will summarize the process: in two months I progressed from a reasonably healthy, fairly fit but slightly overweight middle-aged adult male, with good but somewhat erratic and ungrounded intuitive gifts, to a highly grounded, lean, deeply more intuitive and energetically clear human being. And my growth, or ‘evolution’ continues easily, in large part from the psychic and shamanic tools and skills I learned and/or reinforced in my program with Dr. Chan.   I cannot thank her enough.

As for my mother, her, dementia reversed, and she became Dr. Chan’s patient, and when she went through bi-lateral knee replacement surgery in August (a tough call for anyone, let alone an 86 year old woman), her healing curve was so far ahead of what any of the doctors or physical therapists at the hospital had ever seen, that they were simply without explanation. Dr. Chan and I however, do know – that my mother’s recovery was greatly sped along the way by the intuition medicine that both Dr Chan and I were able to practice on her. If ever a doctor, healer, shaman needed a testimonial or recommendation for his or her talents and gifts and commitment to healing others, Dr. Chan is certainly one of the most very deserving I can ever imagine.”

David Hayden

Co-founder of the Magellan Search Engine
Chairman & CEO of Critical Path
Entrepreneur of the Year in 1999 by Ernst and Young

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