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An On-Demand, One-on-One,
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“Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, designed for us to reach peak health, overcome illness, and stay there – one of nature’s most incredible achievements! We can all learn to have the energy, joy, flexibility and resiliency we want, every single day, anytime we want it.”
– Dr. Jacqueline Chan –

Are you struggling with all the roles you have to play, in keeping that work-and-life balance, or continuing money problems?

Do you feel like you’re living an unfulfilled potential, unhappy and frustrated in your career, or suffering from lack of clients or customers?

Take Control of Your Energy with Unstoppable Health Foundations and Thrive Inside and Out!

This course will help you experience better relationships – healed relationships!

You’ll learn to heighten your intuition skills and increase your awareness.

Find a new flexibility, and be able to set and keep clear boundaries, free from the energies of others!

You’ll notice improved memory, and increased motivation!

Stop struggling with a lack of energy, say goodbye to the exhaustion and depletion that leaves you tossing and turning all night.

Achieve more, overall physical energy, an improved sex drive, and clearer thinking with a stronger, functioning brain!


Unstoppable Health Foundations Program Details

An On-Demand, One-on-One, Energy Medicine Program


THREE, One-on-One, 60-minute, Private ENERGY MEDICINE SESSIONS

A unique opportunity to leverage the personal attention of Dr. Chan for a more in-depth look at your unique health and energy needs, and take your new awareness to a higher level. These sessions – all conducted by phone for optimum convenience and success – will help you to get grounded to being in the present, complete the past and focus on the now.


Self-Paced, On-Demand Training Content, Delivered Directly to Your Inbox

You’ll receive a complete lesson every week – once a week for six weeks, and enjoy learning from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else you choose. Each new lesson is led by Dr. Chan, an excellent and practical way for busy people to expand their awareness while learning to better care for themselves. And as a special bonus, Dr. Chan ends each live class with a relaxing and rejuvenating guided meditation – a perfect way to return to our lives!


Find the BALANCE between your MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT

You’ll receive a personal health assessment to help measure thyroid and sex hormone balance, brain chemistry functioning, toxicity levels, and other vital health indicators, and an opportunity to discuss your results, and what they mean to you, during your 1:1 time with Dr. Chan.


BONUS ONE: 10% Discount in Member-Only, Online Natural Apothecary

Access to a wide range of medically-proven products to meet your specific health needs, with an additional discount available only for personal clients of Dr. Chan’s. You’ll be able to discuss your needs and options with Dr. Chan during your sessions to help you reach your best health possible.

$600 for the ENTIRE PROGRAM!

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A Note from Dr. Chan…

Through this work, the outer world will change as our inner world unfolds and reveals what has been there all along… our purest, highest, integrated self, our most authentic voice and an expanded sense of possibility, joy and consciousness! This program takes a look at our bioenergetics natures, laying out a practical path for cultivating a return to physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. The emphasis is on heightening intuitive skills and awareness, cleansing and clearing blocked energy, strengthening health by upgrading energetic systems and enhancing energy, boundaries and a sense of self.
Congratulations on committing to your personal wellbeing. I am honored to guide you in this process, sharing what I’ve learned in the field of Intuition Medicine. I look forward to convening with you during this class!
In service,
Jacqueline S. Chan, D.O, MIM

This unique platform to work personally with Dr. Chan includes several complimentary programs, each one building on the last, strengthening and rejuvenating your mind, spirit, and body. The programs combine both personal energy medicine work and a unique learning platform with a safe space for sharing and asking questions.
I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the Unstoppable Health program. Working at my own pace and on my own schedule, I have gained enormous value from the experiences, and Dr. Chan’s insights have been incredibly helpful as she sees specific ways to deepen the meditation practice and hone its effectiveness in grounding and balancing my energy. I have been amazed at how much better I feel both physically and emotionally, and I have learned to strengthen my boundaries, to recognize when my own energy is being depleted or invaded by others, and to restore myself to balance. I feel calm and vibrant in the present moment most of the time and have even received compliments from others about my groundedness and radiance. It’s also great fun, and I don’t want it to end!”

– Catherine C.

The Unstoppable Health Program

Level One: Foundations – Discover and begin the foundations of your personal energy work

Level Two: Chakra Intensive – A more in-depth look at your body’s energy and healing processes (Pre-requisite: Level 1, Foundations program)

“I am so incredibly thankful and grateful to have found you and your energy medicine work. It’s hard to imagine my life before I met you. I’ve stepped out of a deep darkness and into a world filled with a light and joy I never knew existed. I thank you, Dr. Chan, from the depth of my heart for the love and support you’ve given me, and for helping me find my own strength again!”

– S. May, VP Operations, Hoyt Management Group

About Dr. Jacqueline Chan, DO, MIM

Dr. Chan’s primary healing method prevents and treats diseases by providing the body with optimal nutrients as the body intuitively wants to heal itself. By supporting the body’s biochemical processes, and identifying other issues such as toxin build-up, stress and hormonal imbalances, Dr. Chan creates integrative protocols to correct these impediments with osteopathic and chiropractic treatments. She has integrated into her practice an innovative form of medicine based on quantum physics and cell biology – a comprehensive biochemical and energy balancing system on the leading edge of 21st century medical science. She’s board certified in holistic medicine, neuromuscular and skeletal medicine, and has been named “Who’s Who in Medicine and Health Care.” Her expertise has been featured on radio, on TV, and as a panelist with Dr. Oz. Dr. Chan is also a member of the American College for the Advancement of Medicine, the American Holistic Medical Association, the American Academy of Osteopathy and the Cranial Academy.

Unstoppable Health Foundations Program

An On-Demand Program with Dr. Chan

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“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.

~ Steve Jobs