“As you join me in these meditations, you’ll discover how to raise your inner truth and increase your intuition. We’ll focus on helping you to develop inspiration and ingenuity, and to live authentically through the simple tending of your own subtle, energy anatomy. As we optimize and shift our energy, our inner world shifts, and our outer world begins to match that shift.”

– Dr. Jacqueline Chan, DO, MIM –

“I can’t find words to express the appreciation I feel for how much you have helped me, and how far we have come on my path of healing, health, and wholeness. I’ve come to understand that it’s so much bigger than I could have known, and I really do get that this is my spiritual path. Maybe the greatest gift of all is that I now embrace this path, rather than resent it. And that’s due to all the work we’ve done, and are doing together, supported by your compassion, insight, generosity, intuitive gifts, medical expertise, and most of all, your spiritual vision of what is possible. May you be surrounded by extreme blessings, now and always.”

– Undisclosed, Leadership Development Specialist

New Year, New You Meditation


What Would Radically Shift In Your Life If You Followed Through With The Promises or Resolutions You Make?

  • Clear stuck energies from the past

  • Release all resistance to who you really are and how you show up in life

  • Discover how to quickly move up your joy quotient

  • See the commitments you’re avoiding that would most radically shift your life

  • Gain clarity on what you want to happen in your life, and much more

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