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February 23rd
7-8 pm PST

Discover How to Strengthen Your Energetic Boundaries and Increase the Potency of Your Intuition .
FREE special global online event with Dr. Jacqueline S. Chan


Virtual 6-week training
3/13/17 – 4/17/17 on Mondays
7-9 pm PST

Living the Core Practices of Intuition Medicine

Discover how to strengthen your subtle energy field and align with your soul’s purpose to harness your intuitive healing capacities to bring deeper transformation to the people you serve.

A 6-week LIVE online course with Dr. Jacqueline S. Chan, D.O., M.I.M, Board Certified Integrative Holistic Physician & Faculty Member at the Academy of Intuition Medicine

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Saturday – Sunday,
May 27-28, 2017
HOURS: 9:30-12:30, 2:30-5:30 each day

Develop Your Ability to Work with Subtle Energies
Taught by Jacqueline Susanna Chan, D.O., M.I.M

Part of the Sacred Centers Annual Spring Immersion. Held at the Institute of Noetic Sciences EarthRise Retreat Center in Petaluma, CA


5/1/17- 6/12/17
(Monday evenings)

Virtual 7-week Training

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Virtual Course

A 7-module online course with Dr. Jacqueline Chan Addressing the health needs of your chakra’s from a holistic physician’s perspective.

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Dr. Jacqueline Chan will address the health needs of your chakras from a holistic physician’s perspective. Many of the symptoms that we encounter as Energy Medicine Practitioners cross correlate with organic physical problems at the physical level. For example, difficulty with mental focus can be a sign of low estrogen in a menopausal woman and also an overly active Physio-Psychic System™.

Also feeling sluggish can be from a lack of our life force energy or it can be low thyroid hormone functioning. First, we can bring awareness to our own bodies and tend to our physical temple. As we become empowered by the awareness of our own physical health we will be able to help our families and clients too.

Classes combine practical advice on diet, detoxification, hormones, digestion, endocrine organs, and cognitive care with a deep understanding of the underlying energetic story of the chakras. We will start with the root chakra in the first class and cover one chakra each class. You will receive two practical health tips for each of the major 7 chakras, one based in the field of Holistic Medicine, the second based in the underpinnings of Intuition Medicine®.

Topics include healthy energetic boundaries, the basics of detoxing, what stress does to our sex hormones, mending the gut, principles in tending to your cardiovascular health, symptoms of thyroid imbalance and what to do about it, tips for good cognitive care for higher thinking and clarity and how to protect our subtle energy anatomy from Wi-Fi and EMF. There will be self-assessment tools for toxicity level, adrenal fatigue, thyroid disorders and sex hormone imbalance. There will be a didactic portion of the class as well as experiential guided meditations and partner healings.