Born quietly

Ushered in at the knees of majestic deep purple

The badge of courage eternal

Bent on the earth

In supplication of a larger greatness

Not yet known

But longing to be expressed

Through the trabeculae of my bones

An emptiness that slows

The pulling of the external might and power

This humility

Not for just this moment

But in perfect placement

As a player in chess

As preparation

For the majesty to come

Humility turns my ear and the dusk in my heart

To the glean of a diamond

That with such great brilliance

Stuns all the small parts, fears, contractions, hesitations

And even unwillingness to have anything be different

Stuns my soul into the knowing

That my humanness

Traverses it’s labyrinth way

Within the magnet of love

Circling back to center

As humility opens

The gates

From the pure relinquishment

Of my directives

Into the all knowing

Who crafts a future

So much more pristine

Than I could have ever imagined

This morning

Humility in her deep purple robes

Cloaked my knees

Filled my bones

And brought all plans to rest

The landing note

Gave way

To a slow and assured stride

Into the mystery of the unknown

As I court the unseen, unspoken, and unheard

To shower upon me it’s diamond truths

As if

Pixie dust

Landed into the minutes

Of the ordinary

A gateway to enchantment

With time and substance

Purpose, duty and will

I will obey you humility

You are my gateway

Jacqueline             communing with             God