My practice is based on my personal belief that Energy Medicine is the one of the most advanced forms of the healing arts. This is partly because its philosophical and empirical underpinnings are derived from a profound breakthrough that in science started with work of Max Planck, one of the first scientists to mathematically demonstrate the validity of Quantum Physics.

Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion in the second half of the 17th century supported the view of Descartes’ philosophy that the body is analogous to a machine and the mind is ‘housed’ in it as a separate, abstract entity. There had been a long tradition in philosophy asserting that the mind is separate from the body. This belief was the origin of Dualism in Western culture. It took over two hundred years of developments in mathematics before a shift occured. When the shift finally happened at the beginning of the 20th century it was incredibly profound. Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity established a fundamentally new way of thinking and it literally changed the nature of reality.

Within a short period of time the universe was seen as a dynamic web of interconnected subatomic particles and energy fields that are constantly changing. From a medical point of view, we as living organisms can now be thought of as holographic wave patterns of photonic light energy. More recent research is showing that bio-photons (ultra-weak photon emissions) are released by all biological systems. These electromagnetic waves are in the optical frequency range, meaning that they manifest as light.

The collective energy generated by the body and mind can be referred to as a bio- field. The bio-field is described in terms of three fundamental energies enfolded within each other: quantum fields, potential fields, and classic electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). In disease states, these energy flows become impeded and disorganized.

For example, a normal cell has an electrical potential of 90 mv, an inflamed cell has 120 mV and in a degenerative cell 30 mV. In the 1960‘s, a German physicist, Fritz- Albert Popp, discovered that cancer cells have a common feature of scrambling light in a chaotic way. Prior to the manifestation of a disease state, photonic light loses its rhythm as a harmonized flow of energy in the body. Re-establishing this rhythm brings your body back into its highest vibrational alignment emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

My treatment approach addresses these imbalances in the body with therapeutic touch and hands-on healing which has been proven to effectively treat maladies like hypertension, general body pain, headaches, mood and anxiety disorder osteoarthritis. What does this mean in practical terms when you come to me for treatment? One form of treatment I perform consists of the following procedure:


We start off with you lying on the table fully clothed while I place one hand under your pelvis and the other hand under your neck. Using a very gentle form of cranio-sacral touch, I wait until I feel something called the “fluid drive” which helps put you into a receptive and relaxed state. I then pass my hands over your body about one foot away to assess the seven major chakras of the body. They correlate with certain emotional and life-circumstance themes.

Through the use of psychometry, a skill in which I can “see” energy through my palms, I lift areas of restriction and confused light from the chakras. I see these in the form of grey or dark light instead of the naturally radiant chakra colors. I also help the chakras spin in the correct direction and work to create harmony in the entire auric field. Sometimes the consciousness of the person’s body will communicate an problem that needs to be resolved. I then go to this problem and identify it to recreate a new soul contract, upgrade it and create a healthy fresh dynamic in your body that is freed from previous lower vibration patterning garbled by faulty beliefs that came from painful experiences in the past.

A majority of people walk into a doctor’s office for a standard examination, maybe an X-ray or MRI, some lab work and a prescription. The body is seen as a mechanistic organism and its functions are “measured” and some form treatment (often pharmaceutical) is administered. There is very little in-depth, on-going collaboration between doctor snd patient.

Energy Medicine works on a very different set of principles. It involves reading the invisible energy force that surrounds your body and then invokes a process of inter- connecting with your chakras to re-establish harmonic balance. It’s a mutual effort between client and practitioner and goes deeply in to the body’s subtle energies. This process of reading the holographic patterns of you up to a fuller understanding of what “body consciousness” means. It is an entirely different yet equally important form of treatment. Quantum Physics set the stage for this approach.

My treatment protocol is derived from a degree in Cranial Osteopathy, a Master’s Certification from the Academy of Intuition Medicine in 2014, and Board Certification in Integrative Holistic Medicine. The work of Dr. Eric Pearl, D.C., featured in the movie “The Living Matrix” and founder of Reconnective Healing, has also influenced my medical practice.